Prospect Challenge vs MTL: Lohrei Showcases Skill, Kuntar Scores, Bruins fall 4-1

The Boston Bruins are back for Game Two of the Buffalo Sabres Prospect Tournament. The B's will go up against their rival, The Montreal Canadiens. which of one of the best prospect pools in the entire hockey league, The Montreal Canadiens.

1st Period Notes: 

Farinacci line spends entire first shift in defensive zone 
#41 ices the puck attempting a breakout pass 
Lohrei breaks up 3-on-2, makes nice breakout pass to Hall 
Harrison records first Bruins’ shot of the game 
Poitras playing the wing 
Kuntar grabs his rebound and scores bar-down for the first-goal of the game 
Abate called for hooking 
Farinacci-Poitras do a good job on the PK with their active sticks (breaking up passes, and preventing zone entry)
Habs tie the game on PP
#84 levels a Habs’ player by the benches 
St.-Hilaire makes an intite save, as the Bruins fail to maintain coverage in high-slot 
Farinacci has high-slot shooted 
Bruins defenders get walked, leading to Mailloux breakaway (stopped by St.-Hilaire)
 Poitras turns over the puck in the neutral zone, leading to 20 secs of o-zone time for MTL

2nd Period Notes

#59 gets caught pinching, leading to a Mysak goal for MTL 
Merkulov shows off the handles avoiding two players in the slot, but fails to get a shot off
Lohrei coughs up the puck, but is able to recover and breaks up a partial break for MTL 
Just 5 mins into the period and the B’s look flat 
Farinacci line picks up the pace, their shift ends with a Poitras scoring chance 
Lohrei pinches leading to a 2-on-1, goaltender makes a nice save 
Mast rocks his man, draws a reaction from the crowd 
Lohrei has created three nice offensive rushes within the final five minutes of the frame
Lohrei makes an important block, while defending a 3-on-1

3rd Period Notes

Beecher fans on goal line scoring chance 
Bruins receive first power play of the game
First-Unit does a nice job puck retrieving, but fails to hit the net 
B’s do a nice job of utilizing the bumper (Farinacci) 
Bruins fail to capitalize on the PP (two shots on goal) 
Lysell’s edge work draws a slashing another penalty 
Bruins fail to record a shot on the PP 
Roy (MTL) capitalizes on a 2-on-1 after a poor pinch by a Bruins d-man
Habs score their fourth to close out the game


The Bruins start off the period slow, in particular the Farinacci line; they spend the entire first shift in the defensive zone. Early on, Montreal sets the pace of the game, although five minutes later Trevor Kuntar jumps on a loose puck to pot in a slick, backhand goal. 

Shortly after, the Bruins get into some penalty trouble; two slashing penalties. Amidst, the first power play the PKers' do an excellent job of keeping Montreal to the perimeter; conceding just one shot on goal (in particular Farinacci and Poitras). Although, near the conclusion of the second infraction, Montreal breaks the Bruins' coverage down-low, jamming in the game-tying goal. The period ends at a 1-1 deadlock, although the Habs' outshoot the Bruins 10-8.

Once again the B's start the second-period off on a slow note, leading to Montreal capitalizing for their second goal of the game. Boston would pick it up as the period went on, most notably the play of 2020 second-round pick, Mason Lohrei. Montreal took a 2-1 lead heading into the final frame.

In the third, the B's got their first opportunities on the power play but failed to capitalize. Montreal would close out the game by scoring two insurance goals, for a 4-1 victory.