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What Sports Cards are Collectible? Who Should you Collect?

This past year, the market for sports cards has skyrocketed. This is not surprising. For example, Lebron James' logoman from the 2020–2021 Panini Flawless set just sold for $2.4 million. Who wouldn't want to obtain their favourite player's signature or other memorabilia? Sports cards range from high-end to low-end, making it a hobby for everyone! Now, here are some tips on how to make a profit when dealing with sports cards: 1 . Find Collectible Players Players with high collectibility appeal to and are valued by customers. The cards of players they know and like are the ones that they are most inclined to buy. The player: Is he a superstar? Are they well known? For instance, if they are a prominent social media influencer or manage a charity. The player is the most significant element. People are drawn to the top players who excel and draw attention to themselves. Would you rather have a Yoshi Tsutsugo trade card or a Wander Franco card? Many of us might not even be fami

How to Prospect Watch Baseball Cards - What to look for in a player?

Prospecting is a major aspect of the baseball card world. People are always looking for players that could be the next Mike Trout or Hall of Famer. Here are some tips that will save you time and money when prospecting! Age of the Player: Age is a major category that comes into play when scouting for the correct baseball card to buy. Collectors want the next Juan Soto or Ronald Acuna Jr., players who broke into the league at a very young age. For example, Juan Soto was just 19 when he made his MLB debut. The younger the player, the greater collectibility the player will receive. Remember, no one wants a rookie card of a 33-year-old player. Generally, a rule of thumb would be to collect rookies under the age of 24. Team Player Plays For : Team factors into the value of a card on the  market. What teams are non-baseball watchers most likely to know? Maybe the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, etc. Players on high-market teams are generally going to go for higher prices, due to the high number

Topps Bunt Release: 2022 Gypsy Queen Digital Series 1

Gypsy Queen (Series 1): Collect major stars, rookies, prospects, and more! The latest collection of Topps Gypsy Queen has been added to the Topps Bunt Digital Trading Card App. The set features similar inserts and is parallel to the physical GQ release.  Remember to collect new players and up-and-coming players for weekly Bunt contests!  Boosts : Uncommon: 2.2x Rare: 2.7x Super Rare: 3.2x Iconic: 3.7x Legendary: 4.2x Act fast before all cards sell out on July 15th, at 1:00 PM ET. Cost :  Standard Packs (odds: 2 guaranteed uncommon, 1:5 rare, 1:40 super rare, 1:400 iconic) - 5000 coins Super Packs (odds: 8 guaranteed uncommon, 3 guaranteed rare, 1:2 super rare, 1:12 iconic, 1:125 legendary) - 600 diamonds Event Packs (complete a three step event for a pack of uncommons) Set Variations  (see full-checklist on Topps Bunt App): Base Set - Uncommon (149 card set + Justin VerlanderAward) Jackie Robinson Day Base Variation - Uncommon *Event Exclusive* (29 card set + Mookie Betts Award) Blue

Sending a TTM Autograph Request - The Tips and Tricks

What is TTM? It is the act of sending fan mail to your favorite athlete/celebrity and hoping for an autograph. TTM stands for Through the Mail but is also known as a Through the Mail Autograph Request. How do I send a TTM? You will need stamps, envelopes, and the item you would like signed.  Steps : 1. Research (Know who you want to send to) 2. Find (Find an appropriate address to send to) 3. Get (The needed supplies to send Mail) 4. Write a letter to a celebrity/athlete (Make sure to be kind!) 5. Include return postage and SASE (make it as easy as possible to receiver) 6. Ship Please also keep in fact that not all athletes/celebrities sign TTM. Be sure to do proper research on who signs first! Tips : - Be kind - Be Patient - Respect