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Lord of the Flies - How Choices Impact a Human Being

  Choices Control Life Every choice has a consequence. Decision-making distinguishes between the actions of civility and savagery. Decisions often reflect the physical and mental state, leading to right or wrong. Vast numbers of bad choices show how simple it is to make a poor decision versus a good decision. The children’s blunders in Lord of the Flies by William Golding emphasize the significance of making the proper decision, encouraging the reader to take their time making choices to avoid the destruction of civilization. Firstly, decisions in life often reflect the distinctions between civility and savagery. Immediately, the reader gains a variation of each character based on actions and judgments. Golding states, "Ralph [took] a step forward and Jack smacked Piggy’s head" (Golding 75). Occurring, after Jack does not keep the fire going on the island, the boys argue, and emotions get to him, he abuses Piggy verbally and physically, demonstrating the microscopic details b