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Grading Red Sox Players by Season Performance (Only the Good)

Finally, The Boston Red Sox are now analytically eliminated from the postseason race. Boston didn't show much fight after a slow start to the second half of the 2022 season, but top-draft pick here we come! Now, let's put the negatives behind us and focus on some of the bright spots within the Red Sox organization. For example, Xander Bogaerts is competing for the BA Award! Now let's grade the Boston Red Sox players by season performance:   Xander Bogaerts (A)   There is no doubt that X-man is the heart and sole of the Boston Red Sox team. Bogaerts has been a staple within the Red Sox organization ever since his debut during the 2013 season.   Bogaerts has had a terrific yet interesting season to note. The Boston shortstop has put up the best on-base percentage and batting average to date in his career. Yet, Bogaerts' power numbers are significantly lower from previous seasons. Is this a bad thing? No.   Xander is hitting .314 with 14 home runs and 68 RBIs this

Who is Leading Boston's Winning Streak?

Boston is currently one of the hottest teams in baseball. Boston has won six straight games they clash against the LA Angels tonight. Including winning eight out of their last ten games. The BoSox is currently in the midst of a tough Western road trip. So far, they have come out with six wins in six games, including sweeping Oakland and beating The Angels three times. Boston started the road trip with a losing record, although now having a .526 winning percentage and is sitting in a wild-card position. Why is Boston winning? The Sox have had stellar pitching over the last stretch. They have only allowed ten runs since May 31, a span of eight games. Including three shutouts, two against Los Angeles and once against Oakland. Michael Wacha pitched a three-hit shutout on June 6th. Although Boston hasn't overused their bullpen over the past week, they have shown solid outings too. Sox's relievers have only allowed one run and two hits in the past three games. The bats have also come