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Pierre Engvall will Hope to Repeat 2021-22 Season Performence

Pierre Engvall isn't the most commonly named player on the Toronto Maple Leafs. But we do have to give credit when credit is due. And Engvall's play last season definitely deserves recommissioning. The lengthy, Swedish forward put up the best offensive numbers of his career last season. The winger scored 15 goals and 20 points for a total of 35 points. It is worthy to note that Engvall is a player that does not receive much power play time, making his totals even more impressive. Engvall is a player that can bring energy to the bench, after throwing a big hit. The Leafs need players like Engvall to play solid games in the bottom six. The Leafs, like many other teams, are working to stay under the cap while bringing in the best players possible. Engvall will have a cap hit of $2,250,000 during the 2022-23 season and become a UFA by the end of the season.   Engvall plays regularity on the Leafs penalty kill unit. He has a big body standing at 6-foot 5-inches and weighing in at