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Sending a TTM Autograph Request - The Tips and Tricks

What is TTM? It is the act of sending fan mail to your favorite athlete/celebrity and hoping for an autograph. TTM stands for Through the Mail but is also known as a Through the Mail Autograph Request. How do I send a TTM? You will need stamps, envelopes, and the item you would like signed.  Steps : 1. Research (Know who you want to send to) 2. Find (Find an appropriate address to send to) 3. Get (The needed supplies to send Mail) 4. Write a letter to a celebrity/athlete (Make sure to be kind!) 5. Include return postage and SASE (make it as easy as possible to receiver) 6. Ship Please also keep in fact that not all athletes/celebrities sign TTM. Be sure to do proper research on who signs first! Tips : - Be kind - Be Patient - Respect